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Nova Player Elipema Kini Considers Quitting after Sustaining Injuries in an Attack

By Staycey Yalo – EMTV Sports, Port Moresby

Rugby Union Player, Elipema Kini, who was attacked during Sunday’s match between Nova Union Club and Harlequins, is considering hanging up his boots after the attack left him with a broken bone in his forearm.

According to Kini, by the end of about nine months of recovery, it will mean the end of the season for him. On Tuesday afternoon (May 8), the President and Executives of Capital Rugby Union and members of both Harlequins and Nova, gathered at Bava Park to review what transpired, and the reprimand slapped on the attacker by the Capital Rugby Union Board.

President Chan described the incident as unfortunate, and deeply disturbing.

While Elipema and his family have forgiven Harlequin player Avosa Kaipu for the attack, the injury has seriously caused Elipema to reconsider his rugby career. Elipema is also a member of the PNG Pukpuks team. His family, who love the code and have watched him grow in character and in the sport, was disappointed at the level of violence displayed on the field.

Elder Sister, Toka Aua, and elder brother Nosuau Kini, expressed disappointment in the way Harlequin’s Premier Team coach, Anthony Pangatana, had conducted himself on Sunday.

“As a coach, the most important role is to lead by example,” said Toka

“Shame does not even begin to describe his behavior on Sunday,” said Kini.

The Kini’s welcomed the news of Harlequins Club meeting medical costs for Elipema, and have also extended a plea to the Harlequin’s Premier team coach as well.

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