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Madang Provincial Hospital Labor and Post-Natal Ward Needs New Building

The Madang provincial hospital’s Labor and post-natal wards continue to flood during heavy rain, due to poor water outlet systems at the hospital.

Dr.Terry Alois, who looks after the special nursery situated within the Labor ward says the risk of cross-infection increases when there’s flooding, posing a risk to newborn babies.

Dr. Alois is appealing for a new building for the Labor ward and the special nursery, to protect newborns especially one to seven days old infants.

This is the Madang Provincial Hospital Labor and post-natal ward. It also houses the special nursery.

It looks warm and conducive on a good day but when there’s continuous rain, the wards are flooded.

This poses risks to newborns especially babies between 1 to 7 days old who are sick and need special care.

According to the Doctor looking after the special nursery, there is a greater chance of cross-infection when there’s flooding.

PHA CEO, Paul Mabong says the flooding is due to blockage at the two water outlets.

The wards are built on the lower ground, but has a good drainage system.

The volume of water flowing from these drains is chucked back into the wards because the two water outlet pipes are too small to drain the excess water, thus it floods the entire wards.

Mabong says the issue with the labor and postnatal wards goes far back to 2014 and 2013 way before PHA came into existence.

The immediate response by the PHA is to dig out the two pipes and create a bigger capacity to cater for the excessive amount of water so it does not flow back into the wards.

For now, Dr, Alois who is looking after the special nursery unit is appealing to responsible authorities for a new building.

A redevelopment plan of the provincial hospital was put in place in August 2019 by the hospital.

It is now with the facilities department in the NDoH for a complete overhaul of the hospital.

By Martha Louis, EMTV News, Madang.

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