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Kadovar Update: Volcanic activity not slowing down

A 24-hour report released by the Rabaul Volcano Observatory this afternoon has shown the Kadovar volcano continues to erupt with no indication of stopping or slowing down.

Continuous white steam plume from the South East Coastal Vent is now rising to over 800 meters above sea level with lava slowly flowing outwards and into the sea.

Ash emitted that has been blowing north, is now being blown south to south-east and has extended to over a few tens of kilometres.

The report also highlighted that deformation estimates from satellite data have indicated that continuous activity on the South East Coastal Vent has made the volcano structure to the east unstable.

It also maintains due to the steepness of the island, and its unstable structure, landslides are possible and together with its explosive nature, tsunamis may be generated.

The volcano remains a high-risk zone and that people including shipping vessels and small boats must area.

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