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Gulf candidate backs InterOil project

Gulf Regional candidate Susuve Laumaea has told voters in Gulf Province that he fully supports location and development of InterOil's Gulf LNG Project in Gulf Province.

While pledging to “take the ground running” he said when elected he wants to ensure political and bureaucratic meddling will not stand in the way of the project development.  Mr Laumaea urged affected and impacted Gulf landowners to support and embrace the project as their beacon of hope.

 “We live a life of self-denial in the Gulf because we do not understand the economic and social value and benefits that a project of the size of the Gulf LNG will bring to the people and the province, said Mr Laumaea.

He said this project and other future projects in west, central and eastern Gulf will become a reality with a forceful and knowledgeable industry-groomed political leader standing up without fear to drive its development on behalf of the people and province.

He added that this project is the catalyst that will lift Gulf out of the under-development doldrums and turn it into a thriving prosperous modern economy and that he will continue to lobby aggressively for that project's development as I have done in the past five years.

Speaking to voters in Kerema Bay and at Murua last weekend Mr Laumaea described the project as the biggest economic impact project that will kick-start and drive the province's development beginning in the next five years with benefit inflows to Gulf people spanning some 30 years.

He stressed out that he is the oil and gas industry-groomed candidate and he offer himself to the voters to be elected to lead the fight for the Gulf LNG project development and for speeding up development of known oil and gas prospects in central and eastern Gulf.

Mr. Laumea said “for too long the Ministry and Department of Petroleum and Energy moved deliberately to deny start-up of the Gulf LNG project by refusing to sign the enabling licences that will facilitate development of the LNG plant facility and the carrier pipeline.

The ministry and the department's insistence in collaboration with the State-owned Petromin to impose another developer on InterOil meant Gulf Province would continue to remain in development and foreign investment denial.

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