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Farmer Creates Model To Help Other Farmers Properly Grow Garden Produce And Raise Livestock

A farmer in Asaro District has been utilizing his knowledge in helping other farmers properly grow their garden produce and livestock as well.

Jonah Buka has worked with the Agriculture Department and is creating a plan for a distribution center for his area.

He believes that farmers can achieve anything with their land if they use it well no matter how big it is.

Jonah Buka has worked with the Department of Agriculture and Livestock for many years and recently settled in Mando Village in the Daulo District of Eastern Highlands Province.

The piece of land that he and his family settled on was not conducive for growing food.

But using the knowledge that he acquired over the years of working with the Agriculture Department, he was able to easily grow food.

He told EMTV News that he wants other villagers who live near him to see what he is doing with his small piece of land and to also do the same to their land.

His desire is that everyone must be successful in farming their land through the small intercrop farming system.

He is working a plan to present to the Daulo District so they can create a food distribution center.

Jonah Buka appeals to the country’s leaders to prioritize Law and order because many farmers lose money through that issue.

He is calling on other farmers to be model farmers who encourage those around them to grow their farms and agricultural products.


This content is supported with funding from the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research.

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