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Pictured: Talasea Open MP Freddie Kumai ( center left) along with members of the Talasea District Development Authority meeting with Secretary for the Department of Implementation and Rural Development Aihi Vaki during the presentation of the 2023 Acquittal Report in Port Moresby.

By Mortimer Yangharry

The Talasea District Development Authority (TSDDA) presented its 2023 Acquittal Report to the Department of Implementation and Rural Development recently in Port Moresby.

Talasea Open MP and Chairman of TDDA, Freddie Kumai highlighted that the 2023 Acquittals Report encompasses a comprehensive overview of the District Services Improvement Program (DSIP), District Support Grant (DSG), National District Support Grant (NDSG), and the unspent balances from the 2023 budget appropriations.

The first term MP expressed his satisfaction with the thoroughness of the acquittals process emphasizing on the importance of accountability and prudent financial management in driving sustainable development outcomes.

The People’s Party parliamentary member commended the efforts of the Talasea District Administration team in ensuring that funds were allocated judiciously and in alignment with the district’s development priorities.

“This milestone not only demonstrates the commitment of the Talasea District Development Authority but also reflects the broader efforts of the PNG government towards achieving its medium-term development goals,” Kumai said.

He is determined to ensure all developmental funds are transparently put into work for the greater good of the district and West New Britain provide as a whole going forward.

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