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Moresby Mother wants change this elections

by Kiwiana Ngabung – EMTV Online, Port Moresby

She had a bright smile and was very welcoming, seeing us walk through the craft market.

Sila Silbol is a mother of five, who sells bilums, accessories, ‘laplaps’ (wrap-arounds cloths) and other craft at a local craft market in Port Moresby. Originally from Simbu, Sila now lives in the Moresby North West area and survives on the income she makes from selling at the craft market.

She and other sellers can now feel the pinch of tough economic times, saying she makes less now than what she usually used to make. And she wants something better for herself and her family.

When she was asked about services in her area, of which Labi Amaiu of the People’s Progress Party is the member of, she explains that without money, services cannot be provided, and that is what she feels, is needed.

“Moni stap na sevis bai kam [tasol] nogat moni ya. Man holim moni, sevis i kam ol bai mek yus lo displa sevis.”

She says she sees little or no beneficial impact of services in her area.

Sila who wants to see the change in government, is happy about women contesting the election this year, and encourages women in parliament. She’s all for female candidates because they understand the needs of everyone, and have the “people” skills.

She believes the 2017 election will take its course with the right people elected into parliament and has confidence in her candidates for the Moresby North East and NCD Regional seats.

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