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June 24, 2021
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Pangu Numbers Grow

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Pangu Pati has added 2 more Members of Parliament to the party, bringing the party’s number up to 28.

Roy Biyama, Middle fly Mp and Win Daki, Tambul Nebilyer MP, both former PNC party members abandoned ship this afternoon.

“They have made their view known lately that they will be joining us the Pangu formally today. They have signed up with the party to formally announced that they would be discharged there attachment with their pervious party that most us were affiliated with before, the PNC Party.”

The announcement coming a day before the 2020 budget will be debated pushed for passing by the Marape Steven Government. Prime Minister James Marape adding on that his government had allowed a week for the opposition and Member of Parliament to read through the budget to allow for structured debate.

“in the last few years they just brought the budget into parliament and on the same day we get it passed and we moved on in life. But for the first time the Marape Steven Government and under  Pangu watch, giving respect to members of parliament  we felt that it was fair inserted of rushing it in on the same day we thought it was fair because members represent their constituency  and electorate.”

“Not all would be happy would be happy with the budget but we felt that a 1 week budget being tabled on the floor of parliament gives every leader an opportunity to scrutinize the budget and reconcile with the core centre of government, especially treasury, planning and finance.”

The Prime Minister also made a bold statement that his party was redirecting members of parliament to join other parties, as Pangu was looking at quality and not quantity. The party number now stands at 28 but the Pangu Pati and the Prime Minister James Marape have been heavily criticised by opposition as a party with no Policy.

But the Prime Minister today welcomed all Pangu Follower to join him at the Party Fundraiser on the 21st of December, where he is expected to give the party Policies.

“At our oncoming Party Gala Dinner Night on the 21st of December we will be announcing to the nation some of our key signature policy drive that we feel will liberate our country from where we are today to a better  place.”

“Consistent with our aim to make PNG the richest black nation on the face of planet earth where we don’t leave a child behind. “

By Adelaide Sirox Kari, EMTV News, Port Moresby

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