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Opposition Ready for Parliament

While the country cannot expect a change of Prime Minister on Monday when parliament sits, the court decision today does present an opportunity    for a notice of a motion of no confidence to be lodged on Monday by the opposition.

Opposition is yet to name an alternate Prime Minister but they are confident to deliver a new government by the end of the year.

Applicant in this matter and former Prime Minister Peter O’Neill looks forward to the 14th of December following this morning’s decision by the Supreme Court.

“We will now off course resume parliament on the 14th of December, we look forward to dealing with all the parliament issues on that day,” O’Neill told the media after the court.

Opposition Leader Belden Namah is also confident they can push their agenda to overthrow the Marape government when parliament resumes.

“We are ready for 14th of December to go into parliament.

“As far as the team Vanimo who are camped at Crown Hotel is concerned, we’re ready to deliver the government to the people of Papua New Guinea,” said Namah.

He claims opposition has the majority of 55 members and hopes to achieve a change of government soon.

“We have the majority already, 55 is majorty. What majority are welooking for. We’ll give the peole of this country a Christmas present,” adds Namah.

The court today recognized the parliament sitting of November 13th, meaning the appointment of the Parliamentary Private Business Committee by the majority opposition then remains.

But Prime Minister James Marape also claims to have 55 members in his Loloata camp.

“In the meantime , I am blessed in my life to have 55 Members of parliament who continue to give me their personal and people’s support.

“These 55 MPs and other Leaders I know are Leaders whose soul cannot be bought or sold and I am proud to associate myself with this class of leaders.

“So bring your Vote of no confidence motion on, name our Country’s alternate PM and let’s go on dealing with this matter, so our people can see who is our alternative PM,” writes Marape.

EMTV news understands there are now 109 members of parliament in active duties excluding the Bougainville Regional Seat and Moresby North West Seat where Sir Mekere is sick and is overseas seeking medical treatment.

But with both factions claiming to have 55 MPs, that brings the total number of MPs to 110 so one is left questioning where the extra number is coming from.

However, both Namah and O’Neill also called for Prime Minister James Marape’s resignation on grounds that he was leading a minority government.

“And that the democratic way to conduct himself is for the Prime Minister to admit that he has got no numbers to conduct himself in government. He runs a minority government.

“In May 2019 when we lost government, we had minority government at that time and he asked us to resign, we resigned. He has to do the honourable thing before parliament resumes on the 14th of December,” O’Neill said.

And Namah adds, “I am now calling on the honourable James Marape to do the right thing for the people of this country to resign as the Prime Minister effective as of today”.

Again to this, Marape says there is no ground for resigning.

“I am not going to resign as one or two opposition politicians has called out, there are no grounds for that. You claim you have the majority please produce that majority on the floor of parliament where it matters most and not in locked up hotels,” said Marape.

Meantime, the opposition has called on the Speaker to follow the court orders today to convene parliament on the 14th as directed by the court.

With days remaining before the next parliament sitting, horse-trading is expected to intensify in the days ahead as both factions claim equal number of MPs in their respective camps.

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