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Beiber Tells Racist Joke

A video has emerged with the famed singer, Justin Beiber, telling a racist joke using the n-word to a room full of people.

In the video, Beiber is shown sitting on a couch smiling and asking “Why are black people afraid of chainsaws?”


The 20 year old then proceeds to imitate a chainsaw sound accompanied with the punch line, “Run, n*****, n*****, n*****, n*****, n*****.”


The video appears to be the cream on top of a not-so-good year for the “Boyfriend” singer who has been embroiled in number of publicity unfriendly situations.


It may seem that the Belieber is trying to keep his publicity team busy with bailing him out of this new predicament.


This is not so. The news of the video does not come as a surprise to Beiber’s “people” as they have, according to the SUN, known of its existence for some time. The clip surfaced after the teen heartthrob’s 2011 documentary “Never Say Never”, when during the shoot, beiber was filmed making the distasteful joke.

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