Usino-Bundi Prioritizes Road Projects

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The Usino Bundi Electorate is prioritizing roads as a key infrastructure before other services are considered.

This was announced by Usino Bundi member Anthon Yagama in Madang last night.


The first three strategic road links to be developed include the Usino-Yal Road, Begesin, and Usino Brahman-Simbu Road.  


Member elect, Anthon Yagama, said the 3 major road links have received funding to get the work underway. “Road infrastructure is considered a key element for Usino Bundi to develop”, said Mr Yagama.


First to be constructed is the 32 kilometer Usino- Yal Road which has received K1million from the National Government for construction to commence.


This will be followed by Begesin 18km road, and the Usino Brahman Simbu road.


Mr Yagama said the 3 roads are the economic corridor for the Usino people and Madang Province. He is adamant that if roads are completed, people will be linked with more proper service delivery in education, health and law and order.

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