Biometric In Lae

The Bio Metric registration is seen as a way forward for Lae district in terms of addressing some of its aged old problems, such as unemployment, law and order, elections and the large influx of people coming into the city.

The registration process will include the collection of personal particulars, such as the fingerprints and facial photos.


The head of Skyco limited, Joe Kile, says a public awareness will be conducted in various wards in the Lae district on the roll out of the program, to dispel rumors of the 666, the mark of the beast.


But many people are refusing to give in their particulars voluntarily during the registration process. In 2012, the national government also proposed a similar program for the entire country.


The biometric registration will be rolled out by the Chinese tech giant, Huawei technology with the aim of improving national elections.


There are public concerns on potential security risks and the inability of Papua New Guineans to use the services.

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