Unitech SOE Welcomed

Students at the University of Technology in Lae, have resolved, to face whatever penalties, the government imposes as a result of the boycott.


At a forum yesterday, provincial leaders reaffirmed their strong support for the Student Representative Council, after threats by the government, to impose a state of emergency.

Strong support also came from Enga students, who were warned to return to class, or face a withdrawal of financial support by the Ipatas foundation.


The Unitech boycott is becoming a long protractive battle between the students and the government.


Yesterday, the students who braved the rain showed no sign of backing down, despite various threats last week over a state of emergency.


Over the last week, groups of students fanned out into the Highlands Provinces, to carry out awareness on the reasons behind the boycott.


There stand is simple; reinstate Vice Chancellor Albert Schram, because he proved, that he could bring change, to the long neglected University, in the 8 months when he was at Unitech.


But not all agree. Dr. Albert Schram has not been popular with members of the former University Council.


His unpopularity also showed to new heights, after he showed to reduce the number of council members, from roughly about thirty to fifteen.


At the forum yesterday, students again, called for the release of the Sevoa Investigation, which has according to reports, cleared Dr. Schram.


The students have also received strong backing from Deputy Opposition Leader.


A team from the Office of Higher Education, is in Lae tonight. They are preparing for a meeting on Friday, in which the Higher Education Minister Delilah Gore, is expected to attend.

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