Illegal Taxis And PMVs Warned

Taxi and PMV bus operators have been warned to take heed of traffic and motor vehicle insurance rules, and get a proper PMV registration and license to operate.

The travelling public has also been cautioned on the kind of taxis and buses they’re travelling on, as they’ll be incapable of claiming for insurance on unregistered public motor vehicles.


As a long term solution to the PMV woes in Port Moresby, PMV services will be corporatized for effective and reliable service delivery.


These announcements came today from the Executive Director of the National Roads Safety Council, Nelson Terema, following the Easter Weekend operations in the nation’s capital that saw more than 62 taxis and PMV buses impounded.


They were held for operating without a PMV registration and license.


Mr Terema is concerned that these illegal taxis and PMV buses are competing with genuine operators, who spend money to keep their vehicles on the road.


He said the government has made the PMV business open for Papua New Guineans to operate, but many have taken advantage of this by operating illegally, referring to the 62 plus vehicles impounded.


He said the council has impounded many vehicles in the past, but has released them after having information sessions with the operators on the do’s and the don’ts, but the same vehicles are caught time and again.


Terema further said there were many other unregistered taxis and PMV buses on the road, and the council and other stake holders have a paper that has already received NEC endorsement, and will be tabled in parliament to increase fines for such operators, and also to corporatize the PMV sector in the long run.


He said many of these unregistered vehicles were clogging up city roads, causing traffic congestion, and chaos along bus stops, and this has to be properly addressed.


In the meantime, the council will meet with MVIL, the Land Transport Board, Police and the Road Traffic Authority, to discuss the fate of the impounded vehicles.

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