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Mobile Phone Users Refusing to Register SIM Cards

A group of mobile phone users who are yet to register their SIM say not enough awareness is provided at the registration booths.

Simon Joum, a youth who lives at 15 Mile outside Port Moresby, said he will not register his SIM.

Joum is one of the many phone users who are refusing to register their SIMs for a number of reasons.

At least three out of ten people in Papua New Guinea are refusing to register their SIMs.

Some say they do not have valid ID Cards to register while others say, they lack proper awareness of the Registration Exercise.

The SIM Card Registration Exercise comes after the National Government passed the National Information Communication Technology Authority Act in August 2016.

The Act requires all three telecommunication companies to register their customers through their SIM Cards.

They were given 18 months to register their customers, but most mobile phone users did not register until late January.

Thus NICTA had moved the deadline forward to January 23, which is nine days from now.

In a statement released by Communication Minister, Sam Basil, the three mobile companies were urged to work alongside NICTA to ensure customers register their SIMs.

But many customers in rural areas say they cannot register because they do not have a valid ID card or do not have access to a statutory declaration form from a Court House.

Those in the informal sector and living outside of Port Moresby say they are yet to register.

This is because it is costly for them to travel to Port Moresby and the registration lines are too long.

Meanwhile, there is a matter before the National Court in Port Moresby to legal orders to relax the registration of SIM Cards.

That case returns to the Waigani National Court for Directions Hearings this Wednesday.

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