Villagers Building Resilience To Climate Change

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Village communities in the Northern Province are being empowered to build their resilience to the effects of climate change.

They are being assisted by the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Many of the village communities were devastated during the 2007 cyclone Guba disaster.

Karikambo village is seen as a model village in Pongani Northern Province.

The village is still rebuilding itself from the 2007 disaster.

With the help of IOM, the villagers are learning new methods of resilience.

Richmond Gabuba has been assisting IOM to teach the people in his village.

The keyhole garden is a new method of gardening introduced to the locals by IOM.

It is suitable to grow vegetables and can sustain all weather conditions

With Elnino predicated to be in full swing in August, Richmond is confident his people are prepared for it.

IOM has already begun rolling out its community based disaster risk management program to village communities in Northern Province.

Harange village is the latest village to be part of the initiative along with Pongani village.

IOM has urged the village communities to take ownership to implement the program to build their resilience to climate change.

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