NBC Safety Concerns Raised

by Meredith Ku’usa – EM TV, Port Moresby

Staff of NBC have raised safety concerns after two of their colleagues were raped at Morata in Port Moresby last night.

The incident occurred during a company drop-off. Staff are blaming management for not taking precautionary measures by ensuring a security escort was provided.
The two women were rushed to hospital after police found them almost two hours later.
The scene was tense this morning at the NBC headquarters at Six Mile. Concerned staff assembled outside. They were clearly outraged about the traumatic experience their colleagues went through.
One of the victims told EM TV about her ordeal. Opting not to appear on camera she said they were trying to drop off a staff at Morata when they were held up by armed men.
The men on the bus were ordered off while the only three women on board remained on board. The women were driven away, then after several metres the men divided themselves into three groups, taking the women to different locations where they proceeded to sexually assault them.
Fortunately for one of the women she managed to talk her way out, after she recognised one of the men.
The women were then made to walk on the road and strip off their clothes. The women were later rescued by police several hours later.
In a meeting with the company management, the staff raised safety concerns, demanding that a security escort be provided on all night drop-offs.
The driver was also accused of negligence, for leaving the group vulnerable after he chose to stop the car and flee from the scene.
He will be terminated.
Meanwhile, one of the victims alleges the holdup may have been planned.
The management says it will begin to provide escorts starting tonight. Staff criticised the management for taking a reactionary approach.
Police are currently carrying out investigations.

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