Formal Complaint Lodged Over Lutheran Shipping Liquidation

Police Commissioner Geoffrey Vaki confirmed receiving the files which are now registered with the police.


The investigation was initiated by the Evangelical Lutheran Anti-Corruption and Restoration Unit.


Steven Mol, head of ELCPNG’s Anti-Corruption and Restoration Unit, told EM TV News that this is a combined battle for all 1.5 million Lutherans wanting to put a stop to reports of misuse and corruption by certain individuals who administer church assets.


Mol, through the office of the Head Bishop, has registered a formal complaint with police for this matter to be investigated.


This comes after the 29th Lutheran Synod held a debate against liquidation of Lutheran Shipping and commissioned an investigation into it.


In a letter dated 19th June 2014, Head of ELCPNG Bishop Giegere Wenge wrote to a law firm requesting for legal engagement in matters relating to a Church Council resolution on the 24th of May, 2014.


The letter called for a restraining order to stop liquidation and its parties involved.


Police Commissioner Geoffrey Vaki confirmed receiving the documents and will proceed with the case as any other complaint once the CID goes through the documents.


The complaint lodged with police is for a fresh investigation to re-assess a 2012 investigation report that revealed financial abuse and corruption.


Despite the sale of Lutheran Shipping vessels, the church is planning to buy 10 new vessels that will operate under Lutheran Shipping.


This will be made possible through a government commitment of K10 million promised by the Prime Minister to revive Lutheran Shipping.

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