World Vision: Seeing a Child’s Potential

The United NationsChildren’s Fund said it was important to ‘see’ a child’s disability beforethe child deprivesthe society of what he or she could offer.


Therefore, inclusive education becomes an integral part in broadeningthe opportunity for children to fully contribute to society later in life.

The 2013 State oftheWorld’s Children’s report states society would benefit if it focused on what children can achieve, rther than whatthey cannot.


The UNICEF report lays out how inclusive education broadensthe horizon for children to fulfiltheir ambitions.


This statement is shared bythe Callan Services for People with Disabilities, whose aim is to provide equal education for children with disabilities.


A National Policy on Disability has been developed and promotes a more ‘inclusive’ society.  


The UNICEF report mentions that many children with disabilities are excluded from society whentheir birth goes unregistered.


IPNG, data collection is vital as disability stakeholders work towards fully involvingthe Community DevelopmentoHealth and Education departments to subsidise services for children with disabilities.


UNICEF has now set out an agenda for futher action and urges g  overnments to ratify and implementthe Convention onthe Rights of Person’s with Disabilities and The Convention of Rights ofthe Child.

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