Workers Compensation Major Scam

A report in relation to fraud withthe Office of Workers Compensation is now withthe Department of Labor andIndustrial Relations for deliberation.


The report was put togther bythe PrivateIntelligenceInvestigation butthe contents cannot be disclosed.


Head oftheInvestigation Team Jacob Ivaroa saysthe investigation has uncovered massive fraud.

The report presented bythe PrivateIntelligenceInvestigations was commissioned bythe Department of Labor andIndustrial Relations to look into some ofthe problems in relation to fraud withthe office of workers compensation.

The investigations uncovered that fraud has taken place atthe Department of Finance involving funds belonging to workers compensation that was supposed to be managed bythe Department of Workers Compensation.

Actual claims of workers compensation amounts to K2m andthe investigations have identiflied persons of interest in relation to fraud.

One ofthe major recommendations contained inthe report is for the transfer ofthe duties of payments fromthe department of Finance tothe Office of Workers Compensation.

Bet it is up tothe Department of Labor whther to adoptthe recommendations inthe report.

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