Work to begin for a Junior High School and Teachers’ Houses: Winge, East Sepik

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By Theckla Gunga – EMTV News, Winge, East Sepik

Yangoru Saussia MP, Richard Maru, has launched the construction of another junior high school in Winge, West Yangoru.

Once completed, this project will provide education for students in West Yangoru LLG and Yamil Tamaui LLG in the nearby Maprik District.

This is the second construction of a junior high school in the district, and the local MP has given contractors four months to complete the buildings.

Winge is in West Yangoru LLG and shares district borders with the Yamil Tamaui LLG in the nearby Maprik district.

It does not have an education institution which provides education for grades nine and ten students.

Since independence, students here have been seeking education opportunities from other LLGs or nearby districts.

The establishment of this high school comes as welcome news for the Winge community.

In appreciation of the start of this service, the largest yam in Winge, and a head dress were presented to the local MP.

Building materials including bricks, bags of cement and iron posts have arrived, and construction will be carried out by the East Sepik Provincial Works Department.

Four months have been given to complete the four in one classrooms and four teacher’s houses.

Winge Junior High, however, is yet to be registered under the Education Department, and it will be taking in at least 120 grade nine students next year.

Theckla Gunga

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Theckla Gunga