Work Begins on Wabag Electricity Lines

Government’s rural electrification program is amongst some ofthe most challenging infrastructure programs that are struggling to grow feet inthe 89 districts to date.


Wabag district has been described as being one ofthem.

There was a lot of excitement in Wabag, Enga province this week aPNG Power Ltd workmen erected power poles in preparation for electricity lines to run.


The initial work onthe K2 million Wabag Rural Electrification project began last month.


The first was atthe two kilometre portion tothe up Wakumale and Lakemanda communities which also coversthe Wabag Secondary School.


Last Thursday,the communities invited Mr. Ganim and his team to say thank you for the service.


They described as “long overdue” after it failed several times inthe past under previous government and administrations.


They prepared a feast for the delegation and urgedthe MP to extendthe service to ther areas of Wabag district.


This wasthe start of stage one work which will spread to ther villages comprising Teremanda-Pokaru 4km, Irelya-Imambus 2km, Aipus-Litoame 3km, Sakales – Sangasambes 3km, Sopas-Lai Beidge 5km, Sari-Kaiap (Tole) 5km, Highway-Lenki 2km, and Sopas-Kepakanda 2km.


Stage 2 will cover Tole-Kaiap 3km, Lai Beidge 3km, Berip-Lakopenda 5km, Akom-Kopemale-Pyakai-We’e 15km, Sangurap-Liamanda 3km, and Kopemale-Takeanda 8km, a total of 65 kilometres of power line to be erected alongthese villages.  


Underthe former Somare Governmentoa total of K85 million (National Government K65 million anPNG Power K20 million) was allocated for the country’s RE programme. Wabag district received around K2 million. K800, 000 was expended prior to national elections last year by former administration of Sam Tei Abal but no work really started until this time when incumbent Wabag MP Robert Ganim took Office.


Amidstthe excitement of electricity services,the MP also presented over 10 thousand kina worth of police uniforms to assist help addressthe widespread law and order problems inthe district.


These were for the new recruits.

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