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May 10, 2021

Women Give Berth on Rusted Bad at Menyamya Out-Station

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More people are dying from treatable diseases in Aseki inthe Menyamya district because its Health Centre’s facilities are decaying.


Aseki Health centre used to be one ofthe best inthe district. That’s notthe case anymore. The population has grown butthe services and facilities have remainedthe same.


A community health worker took me on a tour. Jennifer Romas showed me a rusted bed on which women give birth. It’s beenthere sincethe hospital was built.


“We use rain water to washthe blood from mthers and babies. We are not supposed to use this bed…it’s old and rusted but we have no choice,” she said.

“Lots of people have come to take pictures but nothing has happened.”

Another Health worker Lydia Benabas says thatthey received very little assistance fromthe government.


“We wrote letters tothe District Administration but nothing has happened,” she said.

It has a maternity ward that has received little in government assistance. The health centre records that between three and four babies die every month.


The health centre has no lights and no water to treat mthers who come into labour. There is a short supply of drugs and health workers have become sick from infections passed on bytheir patients.


It isthe first point of call for patients fromthe remote villages around Aseki. They come here before being referred to Menyamya hospital.


A factor causingthe failing state ofthe Health Centre isthe roads.


The Aseki road is a Feeder that has been allocated two million kina fromthe seven million kina district funds.


Hopefully this will help easethe burdens ofthe Health Centre.


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