Women Arise End Violence Against Women

A group of women were joined bytheir male colleagues in a meeting called ‘’ to address this issue.

It is a small but significant stand to end violence against women inthe country.

Followingthe rape of a nurse in Lae some weeks ago women have come out to voicetheir concern onthe rise in violence against women.

This group &lsquoWomen Arisersquo; is part of a growing moverment formed afterthe Lae incident. They are not alone intheir fight; men have also joined in to end this problem.

Discussions today were focused on outcomes and finding amicable solutions.

They feel laws that are in placed to protectthem are not being enforced to holdthe perpetrators accountable for their actions.

And by forming a pressure groupthey could get those agencies responsible to act.

Head of Papua New GuineaChamber of Commerce andIndustry David Conn say ifthe society is not accountable this problem will persist.

The group says this is justthe beginning and a petition will be presented soon tothe Minister responsible Loujaya Toni.

Mickey Kavera, National EMTV News

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