Woman Drowns After Being Distracted by Phone

By Rositta Liosi – EMTV Online

A Chinese woman, who was distracted by her cell phone, has fallen into a canal, and drowned.

The tragedy occurred in China’s eastern Zhejiang Province, in Houyang village in Wenzhou.

Footage from a surveillance video shows the woman was walking alongside the canal and at the same time she was glued to her cell phone.

Without realising, the 28-year-old, mother of two, walked right into the canal, she could not swim and as a result drowned after struggling in the water for about 90 seconds.

Woman dies after being distracted by phone

Her husband reported that his wife was supposed to be staying with a friend for the night, and was told of her death the next morning when her shoes were found floating downstream.

Local villagers said the canal is only about five feet deep, however it is filled with slippery mud.

Authorities in the area have warned the public about paying attention to their surroundings and not to be distracted by their cell phones when walking, especially while crossing the road or bridges.

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