Witnesses Tell of How Guard Was Stabbed

Staff atthe Lae Yacht Club have told of howthey withnessedthe stabbing of a security guard  in a brutal attack early yesterday morning by members of anther security firm.

The incident was a spillover fromthe night’s clashes between rival firms  – Guard Dog Security and Executive Security Systems (ESS).


It  was a terrifying 15 minutes for staff who had just begun work early Wednesday morning. More than 100 Guard Dog security men, who arrived on trucks climbed overthe fence and went through nearly every door  atthe Lae Yacht Club.


They threatened staff and destroyed liquor shelves inthe club bar. The club’s general manager, Sinan Belsel, who was present duringthe attack saidthere was very littlethey could do.


“They were also screaming to rapethe girls. The ESS guard was very badly stabbed.” 


While some terriflied staff ran out ofthe building and hid inthe toilets,the cooks and an ESS guard who ran intothe storeroom to seek refuge, and were followed by at least five Guard Dog security men who stabbedthe ESS guard several times with kitchen knives.


The guard was not involved inthe initial conflict but was attacked simply because he was a member of rival security firm.  


It was swiftobrutal and messy. Eventhe ceiling had blood splatters fromthe stabbing.


“I was standing behindthe door,” said one ofthe  kitchen staff who  withnessedthe attack inthe storeroom. “They stabbed him on his head and his body.


The incident began Tuesday night after ESS guards trlied to remover some guard dog security men who were allegedly drinking on a property guarded by ESS. The scuffle escalated to clashes that resulted in shots being fired at Guard dog vehicles.


Angry Guard Dog membersthen retaliated targeting property guarded by ESS. Seven Guard Dog workers have been injured. One has broken legs that can’t be fixed by doctors inthe country.  The ESS guard who was stabbed is also in hospital.



“The vehicle loaded with men was travelling at about 70 kilometers an hour. It ran straight intothe side of my vehicle.


“Police who were present opened fire andthe vehicle got away.”


Police had to block offthe 11 mile section ofthe highway to contain  guard dog security from coming into Lae City. Guard Dog Security will be paying for the  damage tothe Yacht club.

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