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WHO: Oral Cholera Vaccine Stock To Double

by Marie Kauna – EMTV Online, Port Moresby

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has announced it will double oral cholera vaccine stocks from what it has been providing since 2013.

The pandemic disease in the past years has increased and affected many worldwide.

While treatment and monitoring strategies have been heavily implemented to help victims of cholera, WHO data indicates that between 1.4 and 4.3 million cases of cholera are detected each year.

These statistics highlighted how rapidly the disease is spreading worldwide, thus calling for more attention to help curb the disease.

While factors including higher prices for oral cholera vaccines, low production and low demand contribute to many not having access to these much needed vaccines, WHO, in 2013, set a benchmark by creating the first oral cholera vaccine stock.

This move has helped and given hope for many unfortunate cholera victims and has led to an overturn of the situation.

To boost its operation and to help more cholera victims, WHO announced to double oral cholera vaccine stock.

This will help to see more preventative campaigns conducted in and around those countries that have a high rate of the disease.

Since 2013, the oral vaccine has increased from two million doses to six million.

Based on this increased dose, it is estimated that 3 million people can now gain access to the oral vaccines.


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