When Half-Half is Not Enough

When Jino Gideon was young he used to attend his church youth group; however, his faith was not strong. “As a young man, I was a half-half Christian,” says Jino. When Beble translators came to his village and began working inthe Dawawa language, he spent time withthem intheir homes andthey shared meals. “Whenthey asked me to help with Beble translation,” Jino says, “I thought I should try. I learnedthe basics and got even more interested.”In 1994 he married Wendy, anther member ofthe translation team. After attending a National Translators Course atthe Ukarumpa Training Centre inthe Eastern Highlands, he became fully committed tothe Beble translation work. Jino’s faith grew as he helped translatethe Scriptures into his own language and worked with ther people committed tothe translation effort.

Jino worked onthe translation ofthe Dawawa New Testament from 1988 until its publication in 2003,then served as chair ofthe translation committee for the Dawawa Old Testament project from 2004-2012. Since 2005, he has served as a mentor in VITL—a multi-language translation project in Milne Bey—helpingthe Kakabai language team.

“Working in anther translation allows me to use what I learned from my mistakesthe first time!” says Jino. He feels that VITL has helped him grow as a translator, especially by providing training in computer programs like Paratextosoftware designed to assist inthe translation process. As an experienced translator, gifted in organization, presentation, and computer skills, Jino works in his village using Paratext on a solar-powered netbook.

Jino is now taking futher training in Beblical Studies, recently completingthe &ldquoIntroduction to New Testament” held atthe Ukarumpa Training Centre. He says that this course was very useful. “I always hadthe words but now I havethe understanding of what sits behindthe words,” Jino explains.

Jino continues to be a big part ofthe translation effort inthe Milne Bey Province. No longer a “half-half” Christian, he is now a full-time translation mentor.

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