Whatsapp: The $19 Billion App

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WhatsApp founders Brian Acton and Jan Koum have 19 billion reasons to smile as they have sold their App to Facebook for a jaw-breaking contract valued at $19 billion, BBC has reported.

The former-Yahoo!-employees-now-entrepreneurs have been enjoying their last five years, after creating a communication platform that is now used by over 450 million mobile owners from all over the world.  

For those of us unaware of Whatsapp, it is an instant messaging application that allows users to exchange messages without having to be charged for the texts exchanged. The app also allows users to exchange images, audio notes, video messages and permits group chats. The app does not mess with its users by asking for personal information like name or age and it certainly does not do ads or hoopla.

Whatsapp has become tech world’s most inexpensive mode of social communication and certainly loads more expensive on the market.

According to reports from The Guardian, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's co-founder and CEO was excited to announce, “we've agreed to acquire WhatsApp and that their entire team will be joining us at Facebook.”

The co-owners went to announce on their page, that the contract between facebook and whatsapp was merely a partnership and assures its users that everything will remain the same; costs will remain nominal and instant messaging will be as effective as it always has been.

With about 70 per cent of its 450 million users who are active on a daily basis, Facebook believes it will hit one billion users very soon and are excited to partner with Whatsapp to reach higher platforms in the social communication world.

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