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Westpac Warns Customers to Be Extra Cautious With Online Banking Scams and Credit/Debit Card Fraud

by Juanita Nonwo – EM TV Online

With the recent creditdebit card fraud and internet scams targeting the Pacific, Westpac is calling on its customers to be extra cautious.

In a recent media release, Westpac stated that in its fight against internet scams and banking frauds, the company is investing in new ‘anti-skimming’ technologies. These will include jitter technology to stop card information from being copied with software and hardware on ATMs together with PIN shields that stops cameras from recording a PIN number.

The bank will also introduce chip security to its debit and credit cards, while closely monitoring customers’ accounts, querying transactions that seem out of the ordinary and putting a stop on accounts/cards where fraud is suspected.   

While earlier in the year, Westpac launched a powerful security feature to safeguard against online banking fraud known as “Westpac Protect.”

“We are committed to protecting our customer’s money and their personal information, and to fighting back against the fraudsters targeting the Pacific. If customers are in doubt about anything – transactions on their account or email correspondence they receive that carries the Westpac name – they should contact us immediately via the call centre or visit a branch”.
Stated Westpac PNG Managing Director, Geoff Toone.  

Westpac has called on its customers to take note of the following reminders:

  • Never respond to emails that ask for your personal information online. Westpac will never send an email of this kind and will never ask you to send or relay personal information online.  If you receive one of these emails purporting to be from Westpac, you can be assured it is a hoax.
  • If you are travelling overseas and intending to use your Westpac debit/credit card, you need to contact Westpac on 322 0888.
  • Regularly change your PIN number and cover the pin pad when entering your PIN at ATM or EFTPOS terminal.
  • Immediately report any suspicious activity or devices near ATMs to Westpac or the police.

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