Western Highlands First ToReturn Writs

Western Highlands Province wasthe first to return its election writs tothe Electoral Commission.


Writs for only four LLGs were returned;the ther five were annulled bythe electoral commission and declared failed last week.

Western Highlands Province Election Manager Philip Telape presentedthe writs to Deputy Commissioner Elections Administration Steven Yakali.


Western Highlands province was first to return its election writs on Friday atthPNG Electoral Commission office in Port Moresby.


Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen, who continues to stand by his decision in failing five LLG elections inthe province, said ther Highlands provinces will follow suitobut withthe writs from successful elections.


Philip Telape, Election Manager for Western Province was happy to present writs from Nebilyer, Lumusa, and successful election writs from Mt Giluwe and Beiyer River LLGs.


Commissioner Trawen saidthe commission will mover on with organizing supplementary elections for the five failed LLG elections in Western Highlands.


Election Manager Mr Telape saidthey will work withthe electoral commission’s decision, so that those who have missed out on exercisingtheir rights to vote can do so.


Meanwhile, most provinces in Momase andthe highlands region will be returningtheir election writs next week, while Hela province has been given an extra 10 days to carry out counting.

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