Ward Under Construction: Cancer Patients Still Awaiting Treatment

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The relocation ofthe cancer ward atthe Port Moresby General Hospital has affected over 30 cancer patients who receive treatment atthe ward.

A frustrated patient saidthe disease can cause more harm if it is not administered properly.


Most patients are on chemo-injection treatment which is administered on cycle basis to reduce cancer cells from developing at a faster rate.


Moses Apore is one ofthe many patients who is now behind in his treatment cycle sincethe treatments ceased in mid-August.  


“…relocation has stopped treatment cycle and patients have been neglected…”, Apore said.


The Chemo injection has strong side effects including radiation which can be harmful if prepared in an exposed area.


Port Moresby General Hospital has notiflied EMTV thatthe isolation unit is under construction atthe new cancer ward and soon patients will be admitted again.


While this is taking too long, patients are seeking medical assistance from Lae’s Angau General Hospital, howeverthe Cancer wardthere said it is only able to take a limited number of patients.


The current cancer ward now houses TBepatients.

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