Wabag MP – Funds Ear Marked for Major Road Near Wabag

Like many remote communities inthe country, roads serve asthe most important link to basic services inthe nearest urban centre.

Mulisos is no exception. Having a population of 3, 000 people and known for its beatutiful white flowers from stretches of road-side food gardens, it is situated atthe border of Laiagam Porgera district and Sirunki inthe Wabag district of Enga province.


Wabag MP Robert Ganim has set aside K300,000.00 to re-vitalize a major feeder road in his electorate to enable his people better access.


This is to take place after almost 20 years with little or no attention given tothe road.

Yet it links thousands of people to Enga’s main town, Wabag.


Mr. Ganim said Mulisos has fertile agricultural land but remain one ofthe underdeveloped areas inthe district.


The villagers along this road saythey now have access tothe market to sell domestic animals and vegetables such as sweet potatoes, Beoccolis and Carrots amongst thers.


The 12 kilometre road was built inthe 1980’s connectingthe nearest Sirunki station but was forgotten for some 20 years.


Mr. Ganim saidthe Pele Construction Company is working onthe road, starting atthe Sirunki Ltheran High School to Mulosis.

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