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Volcano Calbuco Erupts After Decades

by Marie Kauna – EMTV Online, Port Moresby

Since its last eruption in 1972, Chile’s Calbuco volcano located 600 miles south of the capital, Santiago, has erupted forcing more than a thousand to evacuate their residential homes to safety.

Chile is believed to have one of the second largest chains of volcanoes in the world and has experienced a lot of volcanic eruption over the past years. This eruption is the second eruption in Chile this spring after volcano Villarrica’s eruption in March.

The volcano erupted at local time 6:00pm sending thick smoke into the sky. Large amount of ash has been seen falling with no hot rocks or lava seen. 

According to interior Minister, Rodrigo Penailillo, ‘there are no reports of deaths, missing persons or injuries’ so far. He urged all residents to evacuate the area and warned them of possible lahars. Minister added that this eruption is the second largest. 

Water contamination state in the area is unknown as there is little knowledge known of the amount of fallen ash into the waterways and water supplies. The government has supplied water into the area to help during these period of time until further notice.   

Regional Emergency Director of the Los Lagos Region,  Alejandro Verges, said Calbuco was not under any special form of observation and the eruption that took place was a surprise for many.



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