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May 18, 2021
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Voice of Melanesia: PNG Needs Economic Independence

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by Louisah Frank – EM TV News, Port Moresby

The Voice of Melanesia has called on the national government to declare economic independence.

This follows a peaceful sit-in protest staged today at Unagi Oval demanding the government to respond to their petition.

The Voice of Melanesia expressed concerns following a petition submitted to the government in June this year for the declaration of economic independence.

The group gave an ultimatum of 6 months, however to date; they have not received any feedback from the government.

They are now staging a peaceful sit-in protest at Unagi Oval in Port Moresby, awaiting the government’s response.

They said the peaceful protest will continue until they are addressed.

Paul Masta, Coordinator for Mighty Voice of Melanesia, said it saddens him to see that 40 years after political independence and the country is still not economically independent.

The group claims Papua New Guineans have not seen benefits from the extraction of resources from their land and blames the Westminster parliamentry system of government.

They added the country should use the Melanesian Communal System instead, which is based on love, caring and sharing.

Chairman for Voice of Melanesia, Luke Melo, said Papua New Guineans are poor on their own land and demands the government for economic independence.

They say the economic independence will assist Papua New Guineans to gain ownership of their resources and will provide equal opportunities.

Representing women in the protest, Julie Aron, said women are in full support of the protest and the declaration of economic independence.

Voice of Melanesia believes that economic independence is the way forward to achieving Vision 2050.

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