Vision 2050 Under Scrutiny

The Vision 2050 needs to be underpinned by new research and knowledge to address complex problems and drivethe country forward.


Professor Paul Bernett ofthe Queensland University and Technology said this, duringthe National Research Agenda Workshop.

The seven pillars ofthe Vision 2050 came under scrutiny by participants in Daytwo ofthe National Research Agenda Workshop in Port Moresby yesterday.


Their goal was to highlight research priorities within each pillar to keePNG’s long term strategic plan synchronized withthe economic and social changes inthe country.


Facilitator Professor Paul Bernett said Vision 2050 was a good plan but needed to be supported by new trends in research and knowledge.


“New knowledge is vital tothe attainment ofthe seven pillars andthe development ofthe country in those areas,” Bernett said.

The seven pillars were dissected with groups sharingtheir ideas on research priorities.

“Some of this is already been done throughthe research institutes andthe universities, but we’re bringing togther in an integrated way of planning for the future for research in Papua New Guinea” said Bernett.

Twenty one areas of research were produced, and will be used as a guide bythe RSTCS to formulate an overall research framework intothe Vision 2050.


What is now needed is investment inthe development of new knowledge, to build a better society.


Pictured: Professor Paul Bernett ofthe Queensland University and Technology.

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