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Villagers Block off Roads

By Theckla Gunga – EMTV News, Port Moresby

Roads leading into Kirakira village, Port Moresby, have been temporarily closed after Eda Ranu cut off the water supply into the village. 

Angry villagers closed both sides of the road at 12:30pm today, stopping motorists and the travelling public from using the road.

Port Moresby police went to the scene at 1pm this afternoon and have been monitoring the situation since.

When EMTV News arrived at the scene, huge rocks were lined across the road to prevent vehicles from accessing the Sabama Market and Kirakira village.

PMV buses transporting passengers into Kirakira, Sabaman and Badili were denied entry and passengers forced to walk home.

Arutu Bake, the village councillor, explained to EMTV News that Kirakira villagers have been living without water for at least one week. 

Kirakira is a Motu Koitabuan village. It has a growing population of 15,000 people.

Since the water supply was cut, public servants have stayed away from work and it has also affected classes for students.

A letter was written to Eda Ranu but it is understood the water cut is a result of non-payment of water bills.

Such situations are becoming common in Port Moresby, because of the increase in demand for water as a result of the growing number of people migrating to Port Moresby.  

However, while Eda Ranu is connecting water supply into new residential areas through public private partnerships, such situation also needs to be addressed. 

For this situation, Eda Ranu is yet to make an official comment on the matter.

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