Verbal Abuse Allegations Against Sumkar MP Ken Fairweather

By Racheal Shisei – EMTV, Madang

Following claims of verbal assault made by the lawyer representing the Department of Commerce, Trade and Industry the member for Sumkar, Ken Fairweather today turned himself in to Madang’s Jomba police station for questioning.  

The verbal assault allegations have been levelled against the Sumkar MP following a dispute over the Pacific Marine Industrial Zone (PMIZ) Project in Madang.

Fairweather attended the station in conjunction with his lawyer, while Waffi elected to represent himself.

Waffi stated that the manner in which he was spoken to by the MP was abusive, and thought it only fair to file a complaint against him. 

According to Fairweather’s lawyer, Young Wadau, Waffi went to serve a notice of discontinuance to the Sumkar MP at the time when he was said to be grieving with the late Nancy Sullivan’s family, a prominent figure who was also part of the PMIZ case. This in turn angered the MP, who exchanged words with Waffi purely out of frustration.

“It is in a lawyer’s ethic to serve all court documents to a client’s lawyers, but Mr Brian Waffi after serving documents to my office went ahead and served directly to Mr Fairweather,” said Wadau.

After this morning’s exchange, the issue has been resolved with both parties shaking hands and exchanging apologies.

According to the Sumkar MPs lawyer, he still has to sit down with his client and come to a compromise as to what mode of compensation would be suitable for Waffi.

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