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Port Moresby
May 6, 2021

Vendors Harassed by Police and Guards at Laloki Checkpoint

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Buai vendors are constantly being harassed at the Laloki checkpoint outside Port Moresby. A female vendor was physically harassed by guards at the checkpoint prompting calls for a stop in such abuse.

Residents along the area say, they have witnessed Vendors both Male and Females, suffered at the hands of Police and Guards.

They have also raised concern about the pollution caused by the spillover of the Buai Ban.

There was a woman who stood defenseless as her Bilum was spilled of its contents.

Her attempt to resist was met with a blow to her face. The aggression and force used by Guards at the checkpoint has become a concern.

Though we are found to be carrying buai, the treatment is still unacceptable, she says.

We filmed as this police vehicle carrying a buai bag was allowed to pass through much to the dismay of the other commuters and vendors.

Residents living along the check point also had their makeshift stalls torched by police recently.

Pollution is another major problem caused by the spillover of the buai ban. The place has become filthy and not conducive to live in they say.

NCD has vowed to crackdown on harassment with the use of female guards but that is not helpful, as harassment continues.

While the top cop Andy Bawa issued directives for his men not to smuggle buai, they continue to profit from the trade in broad day light.


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