Vendors at Laloki See Opportunities

The on-going road block at Laloki to stop buai going into the city has created marketing opportunities for residents in the area.

The Laloki and Ruburogo buai markets have created opportunities, however, there have been disagreements between vendors from the Highlands region, and local Goilala residents.


The total buai ban in the nation’s capital has brought about both negative and positive outcomes for many Papua New Guineans, both inside and outside the city.


For Laloki, the market is blooming with many residents doing sales along the road block area.


They said that it was a hassle travelling everyday into the city to do sales, but now they have customers coming up to their area, which makes it a lot easier.


Many of the residents were happy that the market is now close to them, providing easy access for their sales of buai and other goods.


They have also complained that many Highlanders have come up to Laloki and Ruburogo and this has created problems with the police, and also the residents.


Long-time resident, Ignatius Bauai, said the Highlanders should only do their buai retail sales at the Laloki market, and not interfere with the local sellers at Ruburogo. He said the areas near the markets should be left for the land owners and local residents to do their selling of other goods as well as buai.

The make-shift stalls that were recently built by sellers outside the Laloki and Ruburogo markets were demolished by police today to stop unwanted issues that may arise later in the future.

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