Vanuatu Election: Voting Number Unclear Raise More Concern


While preparations for the coming Vanuatu election are under way, calls have been raised concerning the updated number of people who are eligible to cast their votes come election day on Friday.


Due to it being a snap election, most seem unclear on just how many, or who, will be eligible to vote.


President of the group Vanuatu Youth Against Corruption, Priscilla Meto, has raised concerns on the rights of youths saying that more than 3,000 young people will be denied access to cast their votes come Friday, as their information has not been updated with the Electoral Commission since the last election in 2012.


Jenny Ligo from Vanuatu Women’s Ageist Crime and Corruption group also raised the same concern.


Ligo said most people in the country would be affected, as many did not receive voting cards last year as promised.


While questions on the number of people voting remain unanswered, John Killion Taleo, the Chairman of the Electoral Commission, in a response to this critics said many young people were not able to enrol as there were almost 10,000 more voters registered than that of the previous year.


Calls have now been made for the Electoral Commission to come clear on the total number of people who are eligible to vote in the snap election.


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