Urgent submission for cabinet- LNG 30 day ultimatum

An urgent submission is set to go before cabinet to addressthe 30 days ultimatum fromthe Hela Provincial Administration to shutthe LNG project.

Trade andIndustry Minister Richard Maru receivedthe petition at Tarithe headquarters ofthe new Hela Province on Monday. Hela isthe originating province ofthe LNG Project.

Minister Maru has informedthe Prime Minister and will presentthe petition to him on Thursday.

The minister said new members will be appointed tothe defunct issues committee to address this case immediately.

The minister urgedthe people to free uptheir land for futher developments that includesthe Hela city andthe Komo international airport.

He toldthe provincial administration to work with developer Exxon Mobil and developthe project.

Meantime,the Executive Chairman ofthe Hides LLG Special Purpose Authority Lemson Mapiria said this is notthe way to go about addressing such issues.

The government is expected to put togther a framework onthe legislation on Local Content covering LNG and future resource projects.

Meanwhile, Esso Highlands has expressed extreme disappointment that Hela Governor Anderson Agiru has gone tothe media without prior discussions withthe developer.

The Governor’s petition tothe National Government has been herald bythe print media.

Mr Graham invitedthe Governor for a face to face engagement on concerns.

Bernadette Efi, National EMTV News

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