Unsafe products in circulation

The ICCC has takenthe initiative to enhance corporation between relevant stakeholders inthe area of product safety.

Last yearthe commission signed an MOU withthe NationalInstitute of Safety andIndustrial Standards, to ensure that industries in PNG follow safety standards.

The MOU singed yesterday boosts cooperation in identifying unsafe and substandard consumer goods enteringthe country.

ICCC Commissioner Dr Belly Manoka saysthey have already identiflied some unsafe products in circulation.

“Underthe ICCC Act we may impose bans on products that are unsafe as well as imposing monetary standards in respect of consumer products. This agreement will certainly enhancethe effectiveness of our operations.”

Customs Commissioner Ray Paul says border security is crucial for country andthey are duty bound to protectthe interests ofthe people.

“Health and safety of our people in this country is a priority. That’s one of our co-functions, and that comes number one “border security”.  We arethe first line of defence for goods that come into this country.

Beth organizations reiteratedthe need for more collaboration between government agencies to ensure product safety is achieved.

Cedric Patjole, National EMTV News

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