January 23, 2022
Highlands News

University of Goroka Administration Responds

By Bethanie Harriman – EM TV News

In response to tensions at the University of Goroka, Vice Chancellor, Dr. Gairo Onagi in a statement said Goroka Police under the command of PPC, John Kale, told students at a protest four days ago to disperse because they were not made aware of it.

He said Police arrived on the scene and advised the students that their planned march was illegal.

They advised the students that the sit-in protest was limited within the institution’s vicinity.

The students became rowdy, before a confrontation between the disgruntled students and the police occurred.

The statement from the UOG administration also stated that minor injuries were sustained by a handful of students including the security personnel.

There were no deaths as speculated on social media. Students are at the hospital are receiving treatment.

On the 18 August, Dr. Onagi had announced for the student body to return to classes, stop all forms of harassment and intimidation in the campus as a restraining order was in effect.

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