UNITECH Bersar arrested of fraud

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Heads continue to roll inthe University of Technology fraud investigations.

The University of Technology appears calm onthe outside as students’return to class butthe internal turmoil is just starting to come tothe fore.

The university’s bursar, Jimmy Imbok, was arrested by police yesterday in relation tothe payment of more than six hundred thousand kina to former head ofthe Engineering DepartmentoDr Narayan Gerlot.

Mr. Imbok is one of several people who are being investigated after Gerlot’s arrest overthe weekend.

Late yesterday,the university representatives gave an update onthe situation.

It’s understoodthe bursar is one of two signatories tothe six hundred thousand kina cheque paid to Dr Narayan Gerlot.

Police are expected to make more arrest inthe next two days as interrogations continue.

Dr Gerlot appeared in court on Wednesday in Lae and has since been refused bail pendingthe surrendering of his US andIndian passports to police.

Scott Waide, National EMTV News -LAE


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