Ungai-Bena Peace Ceremony

Sorcery practices and tribal fights in Ungai – Bena of Eastern Highlands have now become downside practices ofthe past.

The area has embraced Christianity, and Law and Order.

The ceremony inthe Bena District was well attended bythe Bena community led bythe Member for Ungai Bena Benny Allan and Eastern Highlands Governor Julie Soso among thers.

This isthe second time for the people to gther atthe hilltop at Lahame. It was here thatthe first peace ceremony took place in 2011. The plaque on this hill along with church flags signifiesthe call for peace bythe people.

The local churches have been instrumental in bringing peace.Infact,the churches intervention has reducedthe number of tribal fights inthe area by half.

Lahame was once notorious for sorcery inthe colonial days. Bet with Christian influence, all practising items were burlied underneath this hill.

The annual peace ceremony serves as a reminder ofthe past and live in peace today.


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