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Under-One-Roof Modular POD Tent For Camping

by Marie Kauna – EMTV Online, Port Moresby

Camping is an activity that many like taking part in. Today, camping is not only for tourism and research purposes but also for family and church gathering programs. One problem many face and do not take part in camping is camping materials such as tents and sleeping bags. When looking for your camping gear, why not try out the new designed Modular POD Tent.

Modular POD tent is designed purposely to bring together all campers during their camping outs together under one roof. It is designed with larger sides with tunnels creating more rooms for all campers to sleep, rest, move and do indoor activities when there is a need to stay indoors.

In case where it is raining and campers cannot go out, this under one roof camping tent can resolve your problem and will make your life easier for both campers and organisers to stay indoors, and carry on with scheduled programs.

It has tunnels created that provides campers easy movement within the tent so they do not disturb the others while they carry on and do whatever they are doing.

In a way, it makes monitoring, sleeping, movement and program activities easier to manage and run just within the tents and not outdoor. The tunnels are waterproofed designed and stronger.

So when thinking of camping, why not try out the Modular POD Tents. They are now available with accompanying equipment’s for your order and can be shipped globally.

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