U.S. Ambassador Visits Enga

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The United States Ambassador to Papua New Guinea, Catherine Ebert-Gray spent two days in Enga visiting  schools and other establishments formerly run by US Missionaries.

She chose Enga as her first province in PNG to visit because of ongoing education empowerment programs.

Ambassador Ebert-Gray said Enga Province reminds her of childhood in PNG.

Ambassador Ebert-Gray visited Sopas Hospital on Thursday; while on Friday she paid a call to a hospital at Wapenamanda.

She also presented cartons of library books when she visited Kopen Secondary School.The books contained the history of America, US Government and its economy.

The reason behind many Engans having an American accent was the legacy of the  influence of American Lutheran and SDA missionaries. They had first arrived in the province during 1940’s.

After the missionaries left, Sopas hospital was closed due to tribal fight.

The Enga Provincial Government manages most of the schools and hospitals in the province currently. The US ambassador has plans to work along with Enga Governor, Grand Chief, Sir Peter Ipatas to improve service delivery in the province.

She said PNG Government has the same priorities like the US Embassy.

The focus is on education, health, protecting the environment and security.

Vasinatta Yama

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Vasinatta Yama

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