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Two Nurses Serving Patients in Sisiak Area, Madang Province

By Rachael Shisei – EM TV, Madang

Only two health workers are attending to patients of the Sisiak area in Madang Province.

The Sister In Charge, Veronica Kinam and a Nursing officer, Sr Arias Liron are the only ones at work today, out of seven workers of the Sisiak Urban Health Centre, serving a population of over 14,000 men, women and children.

The other five health workers, all male are said to be living in areas outside of Madang town and had to make their way to the main highway, before they get on PMVs to get to the health centre.

“The other health workers wont be in today due to situations beyond their control,” said the Sister In Charge.

“Housing, transport, workload, stress and a whole lot more are additional causes of their absence,” she added.

The two reported that this has been the case since since two months ago, causing more stress both physically and mentally on their parts.

“I haven’t even started on the six month monitoring report for January to June this year, and its almost June,” stated Sr Liron, who’s in charge of all the health centre’s monitoring reports.

“The people of Sisiak who bring their sick to the health centre tend attack and threaten us when they dont get help quickly, due to lack of understanding on what we are going through,” said Sr Liron.

Sr Liron also described instances where objects have been thrown, aimed at them, into the Health Centre by angry patients.

 The Sister In Charge is currently attending to very sick patients, while the Nursing Officer is attending to outpatient patients.

Those that they are not able to help are being reffered to the Modilon General Hospital.

The Sisiak Urban Health Centre is currently active in attending to Maternal problems, Antenattal, Immunisation, Foot Patrol and School Health Programs.



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