Top 10 Ways to Ensure you get the Best from your Study Session

By Hope Imaka – EMTV Online

When it comes to studying, we’re all different. One golden method for a person may not work at all for another. But as a student, you need to make sure that you get the most out of your education.

Here are 10 tips on how to ensure a golden study session:

Study Alone

Everyone is different, so this may not work for many, but studying alone is a good way to ensure you do get work done. Set time aside each day to do your work isolated from everyone else.

For those of you who study better in groups, alone time should be spent to rewrite your notes neatly into your book; complete reading that last chapter of your chemistry unit; or finish up your assignment papers in advance.

Group study can be done once you have organised yourself, and for open discussions and debates on topics covered in class.

Have a full night’s sleep

Unless you’re part of the 1 per cent of the world’s population that are short sleepers (The Sleepless Elite), a full 7-8 hours of sleep is very important. Your body needs to be well rested, and mind your rejuvenated for a day filled with productivity.

Create for yourself the perfect Study Sanctuary

Your study sanctuary should be a place where you can be comfortable and absorb all information easily, without distractions. Shut off all distractions like your phone, television, and if you’re going to use your laptop, stay away from that dreaded movies folder.

Be Well Equipped

Before you actually settle yourself down and get to studying, make sure you have everything you need with you; your notes, your pens, your calculator, your ruler, eraser etc. Have everything ready so you don’t spend precious time running around trying to look for things and organise yourself when you should be studying.

Have healthy snacks while you study

If you want to feel sharp and ready for anything, stay clear of junk foods. Instead, eat study-friendly foods such as leafy greens, wholegrain, peanut butter, and even seafood. Caffeine and energy drinks won’t do you any good; instead have a banana (high in potassium and excellent for a quick boost) or an apple.

Take a Break

Between every hour of studying, take a 15-minute break to relax, listen to some music and just unwind; do a no-brainer activity. Probably even get around to completing some of your household chores. It’ll keep your stress levels down and allow all the information that you have studied to sink in.

Narrow It Down

When note taking in class, you don’t have to write everything that the teacher or lecturer is saying. Jot down the important notes in your notebook and go over them in class. It’s always good to compare your notes with your classmates to see if there is anything important that you have missed.

Turn your notes into Flash Cards

This allows you to narrow down your notes into the main key points of your studies. As you read through the important facts, rewrite them in Q&A form on the cards. For instance: to study historical facts, write the historical fact on one’side of the card and the key details on the other side. To study geometry formulas, right the name of the formula on one’side and the formula itself on the other side.

Test Yourself

Once you’ve got your set of flash cards, test yourself with them.  If you don’t trust yourself not to cheat, give the cards to your parents and have them test you. Don’t stop till you’ve made it through the whole stack without any mistakes. And be sure to bring your flash cards to school with you on the day of the test.

Study All Term and All Semester

It is important to develop a proper consistent study habit that you carry with you throughout the course of the year. It not only ensures that the necessary information is practiced, revised, and assessments are completed thoroughly, but it also gets you to develop great time management skills. Establishing a schedule for yourself where you assign ample time to study and go about your day-to-day life will become a part of you.

Once you get a hang of this, the pressure to study everything towards the end of the year won’t be that bad, after all, you will have done your homework throughout the year; come exam week, you shall pass with flying colours.


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